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12/31/06 06:36 pm - annika_of_earth - New Year's Eve 2379

The food was prepared, the champagne was chilled, and an impromptu bar was set up in the kitchen. Seven of Nine adjusted the placement of a party favor and surveyed her house with satisfaction. Everything was in readiness for her guests.

OOC: If you want to party with Anna, just leave a comment. Everyone is welcome! Feel free to mingle amongst yourselves as well! The time on the invitation does not apply in real life ;-) Happy New Year, all!

10/2/06 02:04 pm - torres_belanna - Mod-Post

Hey All

due to circumstances way out of my control my life has been turned upside down, i apologise for being absent and i'm afraid my absence must continue for a while longer..

I notice the community has grinded to a halt and for that i'm sorry.

I will be back, its just a question of when, i havent written in months...my muse has died..

9/8/06 01:46 pm - miral_paris - Who Do you Talk too when you need to?

Well, with me being 12 now it's really hard for me to talk to my parents anymore. It seems like I get into trouble more than anything. I never see Kroton much anymore with me being at pilot schooling, and well.. unfortunitly Toby went with Ben... so I bascially have no one to really talk to about my problems. Acutally, that isn't true. I have a lot of people I can turn too when I have a problem, its just, not the people I really want to talk too. I guess if I really really needed to talk to someone, it would be My Uncle Joe. But it seems like he never has time for me either. Everyone is so busy, and its hard to try to get incontact with him. Uncle Chakotay and AUnt Kathryn are always busy, and... well...

lowers head Never Mind.....

8/7/06 08:41 am - torres_belanna - Topic...

Tell us about your week..

what did you get up to and who did you see?

7/8/06 12:25 am - amandagrayson

Oh dear!
I can't concentrate when Sarek's moaning at me in the background!

... did I write the name of my husbands race incorrect... well easily done.

But spelling 'negotiations' inaccurate is his fault, I'm so used to writing Vulcan these days, talking to him and sending this jointly has been difficult!!!!!!

I miss writing in English.

..and I take back Vulcan being a favourite!

7/7/06 11:43 pm - amandagrayson


Humans, (it’s like supporting your own football team.)
Oh, of course Vulcans as well...they grow on you!
(Vulans also have 3 football teams and over 100 baseball teams.)

Least Favourite

Klingons! (They pick on my husband... and my son... and all his friends!)

Sarek says I should have a 'deeper understanding,’ for them, he honestly has no raciest tendencies at all.

I used to share this, but after loosing my sons katra for the first time and experiencing the Klingon reaction to his death and Kirk’s involvement.

... well now Sarek blocks all my thoughts in negations with them!

bless him.

7/7/06 03:14 pm - coratdamar - Favorite and least favorite alien race.

There was a time when this would be an easy question for me to answer. Which aliens are Good and which are Bad -- judged by how they would benefit Cardassia. I used to hate Bajorans, then one of them helped save my planet from complete destruction. I used to hate Humans, then they began sending life-saving aid after the war ended. At the same time, I have seen Cardassians betray their own people. I have seen our... allies first try to annihilate our way of life, then try to annihilate us altogether. It is not as easy as it used to be.

That said, I've yet to meet a Vorta who didn't deserve explosive decompression.

And Ferengi are... likeable, but that opinion doesn't need to circulate.

1/4/80 12:33 am - dax_ezri - topic...

favourite race: Human
Reason : they have strength beyond their knowledge, they have compassion, love, and their people have come so far in the last few centuries that any one would be proud of their past...they are noble, genuine, and decent people

least favourite race: The Founders

I dont think i need a reason for this choice...

1/4/80 12:28 am - dax_jadzia - Topic...

I have 2 favourite races, firstly, and if you know me at all you'll not be shocked at this one, Klingons I love their honour, nobility, their passion, their traditions, the battles and the fire in their souls...they're intriguing, and powerful, and warriors - i love them - heck i even married one of them!

my 2nd favourite race is the Bajorans, they are so tranquil and a peaceful people, and are so full of respect and reverence, for religion, history, culture, they cherish all life...even those they hate

as for my least favourite race I have only one sentence to say -


1/4/80 12:13 am - torres_belanna - your favorite and your least favorite alien race...

On this one, I have to say my favourite race would be the Trills, they are so calm and peaceful and I really envy them, their talents, their serene inner peace, their patience, and their music soothes my soul...

my least favourite race? well thats easy, the Mailon they're mean, and smelly, and they pollute the worlds of innocent races killing thousands! - them or the borg - boy do they make my head hurt - all those voices - or what about species 8472 ? they make my skin crawl!!

I'm a nice person - really I am! I just dont like the bad guys!
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