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Who Do you Talk too when you need to?

Well, with me being 12 now it's really hard for me to talk to my parents anymore. It seems like I get into trouble more than anything. I never see Kroton much anymore with me being at pilot schooling, and well.. unfortunitly Toby went with Ben... so I bascially have no one to really talk to about my problems. Acutally, that isn't true. I have a lot of people I can turn too when I have a problem, its just, not the people I really want to talk too. I guess if I really really needed to talk to someone, it would be My Uncle Joe. But it seems like he never has time for me either. Everyone is so busy, and its hard to try to get incontact with him. Uncle Chakotay and AUnt Kathryn are always busy, and... well...

lowers head Never Mind.....
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