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7/2/06 01:32 pm - miral_paris - My Favorite and Least Favorite Race....

Miral looks down at her feet.

Well, since Klingon and Human are not alien to me, then I guess my favorite alien race would be the Bajorans. THey are such a spirital people who can kick butt when they need to. I have been to Bajor once when Mommy and Daddy took me to go see the Emissary temple. I really thought it was boring until I heard that during the time that the Emissary was killed was the time frame that Mom's friends were killed. If I had to trade my forehead ridges with anything, it would be nose ridges.

My least favorite alien race? I don't like Romulans. They think they know everything and that is simply not the case. If we had to get rid of any alien race, Romulans would be on my top list. I think they are rude, aggressive, and they think they are all that..which by the way they are not.

XOXO ~Miral~

7/2/06 01:30 pm - miral_paris - THIS WEEKS TOPIC!!!!

I am sorry for not posting topics these past few weeks. RL has had a tangle on me :) This Week's Topic is going to be about your favorite and your least favorite alien race.

6/24/06 04:31 pm - dax_jadzia - write about someone i love?

I love worf, a big hot headed Klingon. I love him, and his strange tastes in food, his bizarre Klingon music, his lack of humour, I love him...a lot...

I love Benjamin, my oldest and dearest friend, he's sensible, he's intelligent, he's funny, he's sincere and dedicated and loyal and he's one hell of a captain!

I love my crew mates, Kira, Julian, and i love being on DS9!!!

6/24/06 04:20 pm - dax_ezri

I've fallen in love, a while back, I went to a conference in the Gamma Quadrant last week, but was caught in some kind of anomaly and sent to an alternate dimension.

I met Demar, and what an amazing guy he is, albeit he's a cardassian and i'm a trill, as a rule we're not supposed to find eachother attractive but we clicked, he recited poetry to me, he sang to me, we took moonlit walks under the 4 shining moons.

I woke up on Julians medical table, and ever since I just wish i could go back to Demar, My love...

6/24/06 04:16 pm - torres_belanna - talk about someone you love...

who do i love?

I love my husband Tom, he may not be perfect, and we may have our difficulties, but through all he is standing strong by my side, he loves me, cares for me and makes me laugh like no other.

I love my daughter Miral, always willing to learn, and longing to love, she wears her heart on her sleeve and her curiosity is adorable. she's smart, and funny and will go far, i'm so proud of her!

I love Ben, my son, such a cheeky little face, but cannot get enough hugs and cuddles, love and kisses. Very intelligent for such a little baby, but he's going to be a doctor - i can just tell it! he's so caring and loving!

6/24/06 03:47 pm - torres_belanna - embarrassment

I'm so embarassed that i've been so awol lately, but things have been a little hectic around here, Tom is off on assignment, Miral is learning...ballet, and Ben, well, ben has learnt the joys of crawling.

I havent had a minute to breathe, Ben managed to knock over a priceless, ancient earth heirloom that Toms father passed down to him before he died.

Tom hadnt left for his assignment yet, and he had fallen asleep and Ben had managed to teach himself how to unhook the catch on his playpen. I was in the kitchen preparing lunch, and Miral was in the garden playing with Kroton..all I heard was this almighty crash, a few seconds of confused silence, and then the screams of my husband and my baby son.

Tom was devastated, he has been holding on to any small thing his father gave us, touched, said or did before he died, but he couldnt express his anger to little Ben, because it wasnt his fault, he didnt know any better, he went quiet, subdued, into himself, we didnt talk much and the next day he left for work.

I miss him, I love him, and i'm worried about him, so worried infact that while putting the laundry away upstairs last week I tripped on Mirals new Skateboard and fell down the stairs.

I broke my ankle and am officially out of commission!

Tom isn't home until next week, and I cant contact him to let him know!

These things are sent to try us i guess huh?

6/20/06 12:04 am - evil_jway - Embarassing Moment

I don't think I have really confessed an Embarassment.. but I was quite Embaressed when Mr. Kim made a complete ass in front of the Vidiian high command. Here we are trying to change technologies and here is my interagation officer asking the most bazar questions. Thank God they didn't take to offensive of it. I would have if I looked like that. In anycase, my Interagations officer has yet to be part of a diplomatic mission. *Grumbles*

6/10/06 12:38 pm - miral_paris - An Embarassing Moment

And Embarassing moment of mine was when I was walking home from school with a boy.. (Yes a boy), his name was Chad. (Damion didn't work out... its a long story).  Anyways, he is half betazed and we were playing a "mind" game. Suddenly I tripped over a rock and fell flat on my face, scraping my cheek and ridges. Chad quickly helped me up but I was so embarassed my face was all pink.

There is nothing more embarassing then making yourself look like an idiot in front of a boy...  *Sigh* At least this happened a few weeks ago.... 


6/8/06 12:33 am - miral_paris - This week's topic is......

Tell us about an embarrasing moment......

5/28/06 03:23 am - torres_belanna - my first kiss?

I dont wanna talk about it, he just kissed me to be able to say he kissed the turtle head - i showed him who was a turtle head!


he went home with a busted lip and minus a tooth!
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